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Our Trees are grown to a premium standard, in line with the British Christmas Tree Growers Association and Irish Christmas Tree Growers Association. Our aim is to ‘Make your Christmas,’ with a quality, locally grown tree.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees
Nordmann Fir Christmas tree


Indigenous to the Black Sea area of Georgia, Turkey & Russia, the Nordmann Fir (Abies Nordmanniana) is the UK and Ireland’s number 1 choice when it comes to Christmas Trees. With low needle drop, soft foliage, a silver-green glimmer, full and dense; the tree is the complete all rounder. Generally our trees range from 4ft-12ft, with larger trees available on request. 

Noble Fir Christmas tree


The most difficult tree to produce, but when grown correctly, the Noble Fir (Abies Procera) is sublime. Its slender stature, blue tinged soft plentiful foliage, and a delightful pine aroma, makes this tree is the complete Christmas experience. Our trees range from 5-8ft, with larger trees available on request.  



The Noble Fir’s full blue-green foliage creates excellent wreaths. Our wreathes are produced to a high standard, with 4 types available; natural, luxury, premium and bespoke. 


  • Natural – Emphasis on the foliage, with an opportunity if desired for the customer to add decorations.

  • Luxury – Elegant and subtle, the luxury product provides a wreath with plentiful decoration.

  • Premium–  The premium wreath, as shown opposite, is grand and distinguished. This is a great piece to greet guests on your front door at Christmas.

  • Bespoke – Wreaths can be made to order based on personal preference, with a range of sizes available. Please contact us for this service.

Homemade premium wreath
Christmas tree decoartion service

Christmas Tree &
Decoration Service

Want to bring the Christmas experience directly to your place of work?


We implement a professional no-hassle service, focusing on clients that want to add that personal touch to the workplace. We can select a tree based on customer requirements, provide decorations, deliver and install on premises.


Examples here are from the PwC offices in Belfast at Waterfront Plaza and Donegal Square West. Call now for a direct quote.

Decoration Service
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